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There are three main types of towbar fittings available. The flange, swan neck and detachable towbars. Whichever towbar you decide on having fitted, you can be assured we only use the best quality manufacturers and all our towbars comply with the vehicle manufacturer`s specifications and carry a lifetime guarantee.

The flange tow bar

Flange towbars are the most common fitting as it is versatile, allowing for additional extensions to be added, using the two bolt mounting for the 50mm tow ball fitting to attach bumper guards, cycle carriers, stabilisers etc. It is also a lot cheaper than the detachable type and is the original style used by most British towbar manufacturers, including Witter and Tow-trust.

The swan neck tow bar

The swan neck tow bar fitting is also cheaper than the detachable version but tends to be less popular than the flange as it is less versatile. This style was popular with most European manufacturers, though many are now offering a flange alternative to their range. Sometimes however, this is the only option available. This version is usually a similar price to the flange type!

The detachable towbar

Detachable towbars are becoming more prominent with customers as they want to maintain the look of the car. Most sales for these tow bars tend to go on prestige vehicles and we supply and fit  many to Mercedes, BMW and VW Audi dealers. These tow bars allow you to remove the rear section, resulting in the main frame being invisible when not in use. Most makes of modern domestic car now have the option of a detachable tow bar being fitted but they are more expensive than the other two types of tow bar fittings.