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Tow bars – Accessories

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There are a number of accessories for tow bars available to consider when ordering a towbar for your vehicle!

We supply a wide range and are happy to advise.

The standard 50mm towball which comes as part of flange tow bars when fitted. This towball is suitable for towing most trailers and older caravans which are not equipped with Alko style stabilisers.
The extended or high reach 50mm towball. This must be used in conjunction with the Alko stabiliser to avoid fouling on the neck of the ball or the bumper of the towing vehicle! The high reach towball should be fitted if your caravan has this style of stabiliser and requested when ordering a towbar for your vehicle, as it will alter the price. A standard 50mm towball will not fit a caravan coupling that is fitted with an Alko style stabiliser.
The universal ball and pin is for vehicles that need to tow various trailers that have either a 50mm head or a towing eye coupling. These tow bars can only be used on commercial or 4 wheel drive vehicles.
There are a number of stabiliser devices available from the traditional leaf spring version illustrated to the newer Alko ball grip type which is being used by many caravan manufacturers on their latest models. Good stabilisers are useful towbar accessories. They help to make towing a more pleasant experience as they reduce snaking and pitching of the trailer or caravan. Most regular caravaners endorse the use of the stabiliser for safety and comfort reasons.
There are a number of drop plate options available. They range from simple 2inch simple plates to full 8inch adjustable sliding towbar accessories. The sliding adjustable style are only suitable for commercial or 4 wheel drive models.
Bumper guards basically do what it says on the packet. They are inexpensive to fit when having a towbar installed but can save your colour coded bumper from costly impact with the trailer or caravan coupling while hitching up!
There are a number of good cycle carrier manufacturers. Carriers range from two to four bike and vary in styles. There are the hang on and the wheel support models. We only endorse the cycle carriers that attach to a towbar as we feel that the danger of a frame resting on a glass rear window is not to be recommended. We also consider that there is a risk ofdamage to the cars paintwork as the frame resting on the body can rub as the vehicle travels.