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Trailer Security

There are many devices on the market relating to trailer and caravan security. Through our extensive knowledge of the industry, we have identified the best available on the market today.

We offer a complete range of these products from the market leaders, Bulldog, SAS and Maypole. There are many coupling locks, wheel clamps and anchor posts on the market, but for a real deterrant only a “sold secure” product is going to have any chance of keeping a thief at bay. Trailer security is now mandatory for many insurance companies, who stipulate minimum effort must be made to safeguard your property, before they will consider any form of cover.

The range of products we offer will be found on most approved lists, issued by the major insurers, because they carry the “sold secure” certification. Sometimes a “sold secure” security device might seem a bit more expensive, but consider the cost, not only of replacing the trailer or caravan, but also the goods inside. Not to mention the time and stress involved in replacing everything. Often cheaper is just a false economy.

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Trailer clamp
Heavy duty wheel clamp
Hitch locks