Manchester Towbar - Trailer & Roof Rack Centre

Trailer Service & repair

It is advisable to maintain your trailer regularly. We have workshops for trailer service and repairs.

We suggest an annual service to check running gear and electrics to avoid the breakdown of the unit at a crucial time. A relatively cheap service can avoid a costly charge and time consuming delay for recovery of a fully loaded trailer from the side of the motorway. Many is the time you see fully laden cars on the motorway with a boat trailer or camping trailer attached  where the wheel and bearings are missing. A sad start to the holiday, not to mention the aggravation. Don’t let it happen to you. Get your trailer checked.

We also carry out numerous repairs on damaged trailers, from electrics, brakes/bearings, body work to chassis rewelds and frame rebuilds. We are happy to advice on the best solution to get your trailer roadworthy again.

Trailer service and repair