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Manchester Black Cab taxis on Baring Street

Anyone who has been around Baring Street in the last few months will be aware of the problem with the large number of black cabs queueing up along both sides of Baring Street as they wait for the official taxi ranks to clear at the train station. We have been on to the council, police, traffic wardens etc on a regular basis with little success. We always thought that black cabs were supposed to keep on the move around the city to be available for passengers to hail from the street ,whereas  private cabs could only be booked in advance. The fact that these black cabs are abusing this right, seems to be wrong to us.

Anyway, today all our complaints seem to have had an effect as the council have sent a work party to repaint the yellow lines on Baring Street to stop the black cabs practice. Let us just see if our taxi drivers take any notice of our road rules!!!

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