Manchester Towbar - Trailer & Roof Rack Centre

Beware fakes!!

We have become aware of a number of companies trying to pass themselves off as Manchester Towbars, in an attempt to benefit from our good reputation.  We are and always have been situated beside the Mancunian Way, on the Bond Street/Baring Street industrial estate in the centre of Manchester. We have not relocated or closed down and are still serving the Greater Manchester area with all their Towbar, roofrack and Trailer needs as the most competitive and efficient supplier since our establishment in the 1960`s. We therefore are issuing this alert to our customers who might think they are dealing with the genuine article when in fact they have opened up a web site of an imposter who is using our name and long established reputation to direct business to his establishment. Please check with the sales person that you are in fact in touch with the manchester Towbar and Trailer Centre which is situated beside the Mancunian Way, as these other Companies will lead you to believe that we have moved ant they are us. We are sorry if this deception and organised confusion by these other individuals has caused any problems and look forward to our continued service to all our customers.


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